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Certified Locksmiths with the UK Locksmith Association. DBS/CRB Checked.




Thanet Locksmiths are apart of the Home Security Advisors company. Thanets local independent locksmiths covering only Thanet and its surrounding areas. We are a mobile based company that specialise in residential & commercial locksmith services and have over 35 years in the security industry, we are also as far as we know the only security advisor company in Thanet.

We are fully trained insured and experienced in multiple ways to gain entry to any property. We are also fully CRB checked, giving you peace of mind when you call us.


What we provide as a service.

   Emergency lock opening.

   Lock replacement service.

   Burglar deterrents fitted.

   Key cutting.

    RFID fob/card duplication.

   Commercial & Residential.

   Security advisors.



Emergency Lock Opening


This service is probably the most common for any locksmith, you just got home and for one reason or another you cannot get in, your locked out.

The first thing to remember here is do not panic, we can get you back into your home, the second thing to remember is, do is try to gain entry to the house yourself. If you try to pick the lock as seen on TV and you are not sure what you are doing you can make the situation far worse and possibly more expensive too.

Just call us on 07971 84 93 58 and we will do our very best to be with you as quickly as possible.

There are only two ways a locksmith will gain entry to your home, either non destructively or destructively, this cannot be known until we see the locks on your door. In 9 out of 10 homes entry can be made in non destructive manner, this means that no damage will be done to the locks, we have various ways and techniques to bypass the locks or ways to open your door. If however you have lost your keys and have no idea where they might be, the safest and quickest way for us to gain entry is to destroy the lock and then replace it with a new lock and keys.

We will need proof that you are the legal occupant before we gain access to the property, if you do not have any because it is indoors we will get you to sign our disclaimer and take your photo and car registration details. This as you can agree is for your protection as well as ours.



Lock replacement service.


As mentioned below locks older than 12 years need to be replaced to be compliant to insurance regulations. Our advise is to replace the locks if you have just moved to a new property, as you don't know if spare keys have been cut and who has them or if your existing locks show any signs of sticking, it could be an indication that the lock may be failing.

The fitting of new door locks along with other forms of additional security will deter burglars from targeting your home. We will fit like for like locks or replace your existing lock with a high security lock if requested.



Burglar deterrents fitted

warning sign.jpg

We supply and fit or just advise you on what security deterrents would suit your property. Each property is different so not all deterrents will work on all homes, it really depends on what you are worried about at the time, whether it is answering the door late at night or if you are away from home, each deterrent is tailored for your personal needs. For more details please look at our Home Security Advisors page


Key Cutting

key cutting.png

We can cut keys on site, we mainly cut the spare keys to the locks we have just supplied and fitted, as our van is small we cannot carry all key blanks with us and may not be able to cut all keys there and then.



RFIC fob/card duplication


We can also copy on site fobs or cards used for door access, these are mainly the 125Khz and the 1356Mhz which can be duplicated or copied onto a fob, card or a wristband. We can also copy some Mifare classic cards.


Locks supplied and fitted to British Standards


All external doors must be fitted with at least one British Standard Lock. Your content insurance could be void with out it.

If your door locks are more than 12 years old, you really should replace them, Locks certified to BS 3621 or BS 8621 can be recognised by the Kite mark on the product or the packaging and are often minimum requirements for home insurance policies, to meet home insurance requirements, please ensure that:

If you are unsure about your existing security in general and need advise please look at our Home Security Advisors page


We thank you for visiting our site and should you need our services we are only a phone call away.

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Please call us on  07971 84 93 58 or e-mail us at

Normal working hours are 9AM - 5PM Monday to Friday, Please note additional charges are payable outside these times



For payment direct to our account. Sort Code: 30-95-45 Account Number: 31631868 Lloyds Ramsgate.



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