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Hi, my name is Ian and I am the owner of Thanet Locksmiths, when you call my mobile number 07971 84 93 58 you will speak directly to myself a locksmith, your call does not go to any call centres nor is your call diverted to other company. I am local to you as I live and work in the Thanet area, so if I am not already on a call emergency out I should be able to get to you fairly quickly, usually within 30 minutes depending on traffic.

I have been in the security industry for over 35 years or since 1987 this has included fitting burglar alarms systems, C.C.T.V cameras, door entry systems, security guarding, key holding, dog patrols and locksmithing. In all my years in the security industry I have probably seen more break-ins or attempted break-ins than your local police officer and I have also take a keen interest on how criminals break into properties and what make a home or place of work vulnerable, this is why I now offer a security advisor service for those of you that need this specialised service.

I am fully vetted CRB/DBS checked every 3 years as you would expect, I am also an insurance approved locksmith which just means that insurance companies use my locksmith service when they don't have anyone else in the area that work for them.

Like any well trained locksmiths I am trained and experienced in multiple techniques to open the majority of locks or bypass a door and its security, however in the unlikely event that I am unable to help you and gain entry I will not charge you for my time (Residential only).

I do offer a 24 hour emergency service 7 days a week and will always try to put on my website Thanet Locksmiths or on my facebook page if I am not working due to holidays or on a training course.

I hope this has been of some help to you and should you need my services please call me and if you have the time to please leave me a good review on Google