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Euro Locks

Thanet Locksmiths Euro lockThanet Locksmiths Euro lockThanet Locksmiths Euro Lock

Euro Cylinder Locks also known as either barrel locks, profile cylinder locks or pin tumblers locks, are a very popular lock profile within the UK and Europe. They cater for both internal and external doors and are easy to replace with very little disruption, you’ll find euro cylinders in most domestic and commercial properties. 

Purchasing a lock can be a little confusing. So Thanet Locksmiths buyer’s guide to Euro Locks will help you quickly and accurately select the right lock for your door.

Types of euro cylinders:

Thanet Locksmiths Euro Lock

Full or Double Euro Cylinder

Double Cylinder locks have a key cylinder on both sides of the door. This means a key can be used to lock and unlock the door from either side. A word of warning, never leave your key in the rear of the door as you wont be able to open the door from the outside.

This lock format is usually used for doors requiring higher security, such as front or back doors. In the event that a burglar broke the glass in your door, they would still need a key to unlock the door.

Thanet locksmiths Euro Thunb turn lock

Full Thumb-Turn Euro Cylinder

Full Thumb-Turn Locks are a hybrid lock, offering the benefits of a thumb-turn lock on the inside of the door and a keyed lock for the outside. These locks are easy to use and are keyless from the inside. You may consider using this type of lock on the newer composite doors or apartment doors where fire regulations stipulate the doors need to be easily opened from the inside without a key in an emergency.

Thanet Locksmiths Half Euro lock

Half or Single Euro Cylinder

Half Euro Cylinder Locks are perfect for doors that require keyed access from one side only. These locks are usually used from the exterior as an example on garage or cupboard doors. You can also get this type of lock with a thumb turn which enables a quick keyless locking, these locks are generally used for privacy reasons, for example in bathrooms or toilets.

Euro Lock Security

There are in general 4 main security features available with euro cylinder locks. 

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