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Key Safes

Key safes are by design a safe place to keep your spare keys in, for when you have one of those moments when you have just realised as the door shuts behind you that your keys are in the house, then on top of that having the added expense of calling out a locksmith to gain entry for you. They also come in very handy for holiday lets, Air B&Bs and carers.

When we have successfully gained entry for one of our customers, we always recommend that they have a key safe installed so this doesn’t happen to them again.

We get the odd query time to time from people saying that these key safe are in fact not safe and that they are easily opened. To be honest with you the key safe is as secure as the lock on your door, if you have the right tools and the skills to open them like a locksmith does, then yes there not safe, however if you are not blessed with our skill set then they are secure, unless you happen to have an angle grinder in your pocket.

At Thanet Locksmiths we can also decode and re-code your key safe should you have lost the original code for it, providing of course that the safe itself is not too corroded. Sometimes though it may be better just to buy and install a new key safe one as the price is about the same as decoding one. 


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