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Snapped your key in the lock?

A common call out for locksmiths is for a key to snap in a lock, at Thanet Locksmiths we can use our snapped key extraction tools and skills to help resolve this problem and remove the broken blade.

For what ever reason it happened there is nothing worse than trying to get into your property and then the key snaps in the lock, that instant dread flows over you and your first thought after all the swearing is how am I going to get in now?

There are a few reasons as to why a key snaps in a lock

1.       Standard keys are generally made from relatively soft metals, like brass and nickel so are easily bent

2.      Your key has been damaged or it may be wear and tear over time.

3.      Your lock may not have been serviced for a while and the pins may be sticky or jammed.

4.     You turn your key before it is fully inserted

5.     You try to get in by using the wrong key

6.     Just bad luck trying to rush or things on your mind.

What ever happens try to resist the urge to get the broken blade out yourself, as chances are you will only push it in further making it harder to retract and that may make the job more time consuming and could cost you more money from a professional locksmith like Thanet Locksmiths.

To prevent this from happening again or to reduce the chance of it happing in the first place we recommend that you keep your lock well lubricated, not with WD40 or oil as this will only cause you problems in the future, instead use a graphite powder on the blade of your key and insert and remove the key a few times until it feels right.


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